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Photography toolbox, My - A game to refine your eye and improve your skills

Photography is everywhere. Creative social media users and all of us who take pictures regularly can now improve their skills through My...
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Photography is everywhere. Creative social media users and all of us who take pictures regularly can now improve their skills through My Photography Toolbox. It enables you to play with tools' that smartphones or digital cameras don't provide, such as the psychology of forms.This is a must-have game for its style, easy rules, valuable rewards and innovative ludo-didactic features that allow to learn while playing. Its small format makes it perfect to bring in a bag and use it at any occasion: with friends, colleagues or alone.The box includes two games: BE A MASTER, to create an image based on a photography genre and four given rules, and REFINE YOUR EYE, to discover the rules in existent photographs. Both have a different goal: make a powerful photograph in less than 20 minutes or discover the rules of photography connecting images and concepts.My Photography Toolbox helps developing with smartphone users that are amateurs when it comes to photography, but nevertheless take snapshots all the time. They want to share images that have an impact. There's the growing desire to form a personal identity on platforms like Instagram or Flickr, to provide commercial-like pictures of products or share photographs of trips and food as if you were a journalist. My Photography Toolbox helps enhancing personal skills of image comprehension and creation. It is a self-help game for people that like to be creative.

Autor@: Pons-Cerdá, Rosa

ISBN: 978-90-636-9504-0

Idioma: Inglés

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